Product Catalog

Product Catalog

Do you have a website that features tons of products you wish to sell? If yes, you surely would want each product to have nice and well-written descriptions. Descriptions are important parts of online selling. They not only provide relevant information to the users but also drive sales and product referrals. But writing them for a huge list of products can be cumbersome. This is where our product catalog software comes into play. 

Our product catalog

Our software works by getting integrated into your website and helping you with product descriptions of each product on the list. You don’t have to write the descriptions manually as it can automate the process for you. The software provides free product data for your customers to read and learn. It is an independent global syndicator of content for eCommerce products and product statistics builder. 


How does it work?

Our product catalog software works like an automated description writer for you. It can produce millions of product data-sheets in different languages. The software analyses the performances of thousands of brands and then write the description accordingly. You can set the description to be a two-liner or more lengthy. 

The statistics through which the product catalog works are based on millions of annual product data-sheets downloads. It also works on the basis of thousands of connected eCommerce websites including online shopping portals, comparison sites, rating portals, comparison sites, ERP systems and other web addresses. The open-source platform is an open catalog of millions of products. Using the software platform, you can get the top technology-oriented descriptions that are almost perfectly apt for your products. 

Salient features

Identical to all our software and products, the product catalog comes with plethora of features. While these work as a wish list for a website owner, they also prove to be highly beneficial in the long term goals for enterprises. Here are some of the features:

Millions of sites supported and listed on the platform

Open-source advantage adds to the adaptability and feasibility of the software

You can use descriptions for any type of products falling in any category

It supports almost every type of business 

It is easy to use and operate

Comes with the integration of third-party apps, making the process easier

24/7 customer support available


Wish to know more about this top-notch service platform? Let us know your queries. Get in touch through phone or email.

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