Review Integration Tool

Review Integration Tool

The best part of the online world is that anyone can post anything. While this comes with drawbacks, there are advantages no company can deny. It comes in the form of reviews, referrals and testimonies. Nowadays, most of the online companies have a knack of building their reputation and the process usually starts with displaying best reviews. This not only helps in collecting a potential customer base but also locks a secure future for the company. Yes reviews are important and you should not ignore them. 

Review integration

We are here to help you with review collection from different websites. When you plan on displaying your reviews on your website regarding your products, offerings or services, you might not be able to collect all of them. Furthermore, you can simply overlook the good ones and might go for average reviews. This is a common phenomenon that can happen to every business owner. We can save your time and effort as our automated review integration tool can collect good reviews from sites such as Amazon, Dell, HP, etc. 

How does it work

Our review integration tool works without causing a headache. It is as simple as ABC. You may start by simply creating your account and giving the tool, access your website. It will then proceed with a list of sites that you can choose to collect reviews from. With your step by step permissions, the automatic scrapping of reviews from the sites will start. You can choose whether you want reviews about customer ratings, about product features, about technical glitches, or anything else. The reviews will be then scrapped to your own website, where your users or customers will be able to see them easily. 

Features galore

The review integration tool comes with plenty of features. Here are some of them:

An intuitive dashboard with an easy to access UI/UX design interface. The dashboard gives you a fish-eye view of every review from different websites. 

You get various filters and categories to choose from. This includes customer ratings, negative or positive reviews, type of review, etc.

You can easily integrate or add any website that you want to use for scrapping reviews. You can always edit, add or remove your selections

You get to have a choice for adding or removing the reviews from your website using the software any time

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